VC-Backed Biotech Financings: Boom Or Bubble?

7 November 2017

Life Sci VC has released the following:

“Private biotech funding numbers are in for the third quarter and on an absolute capital basis they are huge: $3.6B flowed into private biotechs, the largest quarter of VC-funding into biopharma ever in the history of our industry, according to a preliminary view of Pitchbook data.

The news has been full of financing announcements of late.  Just this morning, KSQ announced a $76M financing.  In September, Intarcia topped up its Series EE financing, reaching $650M, which should help it navigate its regulatory situation. Many other firms also came in with strong financings, e.g., SpringWorks raising $103M, Gritstone $93M, Homology $84M, etc. Our portfolio at Atlas Venture was busy too, with Replimune raising $55M, Disarm at $30M, Rodin at $27M, and few stealth ones to be announced soon.”

Life Sci VC Article