Executive Search

Kingfisher’s search process is dynamic, proven, and repeatable. First we listen carefully to assess the unique situation. What challenges are you having in recruiting for this particular position? What’s the history and what has led you to engage a search firm for this role?

Together we will frame timelines, objectives, and milestones for the search.

You will be asked critical strategic questions that vary according to the nature of the search. We help you to clearly identify the most important issues so that you’ll tell us what you need and be candid about what’s at stake. We operate side-by-side with you to ensure a great hire – each and every time.

The Executive Search Process

    • Engage with all stakeholders to build consensus on hiring expectations.
    • Establish intentional timeframe for completion of the search.
    • Define Employer Brand to accurately convey company culture, values, and mission.
    • Develop compelling recruitment narrative.
    • Target high-potential candidates in companies and locations where we are most likely to find the ideal profile, experience, and phenotype
    • Recruiting is both an art and a science. Excellent credibility and recruiting expertise enables us to communicate effectively, intentionally, with a high degree of emotional intelligence.
    • Exceptional recruiting requires the ability to engage with talented people who will take our call; these are often executives who do not typically take calls from recruiters.
    • Face-to-face behavioral, values-based interviews are conducted. A typical interview runs between 90 minutes and 2 hours.
    • Candidates may be required to address one or more situational reviews or case studies together with additional assessments where required.
    • All interviews include a deep dive into each candidate’s competencies, experiences, traits, and drivers.
    • Compensation and benefits are thoroughly reviewed including current compensation package and desired expectations. Any elements of the offer package that are of particular significance are identified and addressed.
    • You will receive resumes, case studies, and a succinct summary write-up on each candidate.
    • Preparation and debrief of candidates and client at each stage of the interview process
    • Upon completion of the first client interview, candidate references are contacted and you will receive detailed reference reports.
    • Additional reference checks and educational verification as required
    • Address issues related to resignation, counteroffer, relocation, etc.
    • Provide guidance and negotiation leading to signed offer of employment
    • Personalized consulting throughout onboarding
    • Pre-determine fixed, flat fee – no expenses and no surprises
    • Performance guarantee to ensure that, should unforeseen circumstances occur, we will apply the same rigor to find a replacement at no additional charge

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